Saturday, 21 July 2012

Is Instagram useful for B2B marketing?

Recently, Marketo has published this infographic about how to use Instagram in a B2B marketing campaign:

A few month ago, I was really sceptical about the interest that this platform could represent for B2B marketing, because I was only see from the "lead generation" generation point of niew, which is the one of the main reason why a B2B company would consider by going social (for more information, just check my previous article on this subject).
However, after having read this infographic, I now recognize that Instagram is powerful to connect people and brands emotionally. When the main advantage for a B2B company using a social network like Facebook is according to me, to be closer to people, Instagram is a powerful tool to convey brand values and philosophy in a different manner. 
However, B2B companies are not as big as Oracle, Cisco, SAP and so on. I recognize that for huge and global firms admired by tons of people, Instagram is a good gadget for them to show another face. For classic B2B companies, which are often niche specialists with a limited number of customers and are unknown by the majority of the people, Instagram is just uninteresting. And I think it is the same conclusion for Pinterest. There are some articles published on the web that try to demonstrate the benefits for a B2B company to be on this media, but I don't see the point. 

According to me, going to such platforms without having enough information about what the real ROI they could have is yielding to the novelty.

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  1. Hi, I love to share my pics with Instagram and Its cool and Interesting job for me in personal. I got to know that Its been used for Business marketing from your post.

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  3. There are TONs of new ways to get involved in the social media, I am not familiar with instagram but I understand it is popular! If you can use it to engage your audience then there is no reason not to use it as part of your strategy.